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GGA Oman

After three decades of working in the customer service industry, we decided to put an end to it and sought to make the most of our later years doing what we love and relish the most - spending quality time with our family, and enjoying the wonders of nature that were built for humans to live and appreciate. Unfortunately, many of us aren't able to do that. We began as a group of friends taking road trips in Oman whenever we got the chance to break free from the monotonous life. Interacting with customers from all over the globe and the locals that come to our eatery, we noticed how they were highly intrigued by stories about life in the country and our adventures exploring the mountains, deserts and beaches.

Inspired by this, we decided to start our own business and give people the chance to experience journeys away from the norm. Our customers will have the incredible opportunity to not only observe environments, but to be a part of them. We only take a few people at once to guarantee a personal and special service. Even if it's just for a day with lunch or dinner in the desert, mountain or beach, it will be a precious experience. If the expedition takes four days, we suggest a night in a hotel for some respite. You can choose to stay in a hotel or a camp, but you won't get the same feeling as setting up a tent far away from civilization, admiring the stars, the desert's dark sky, the tranquility and your seclusion. A memory you will cherish for years to come. Proud to say that GGA offers our guests flexible and unforgettable experiences.

Happy and looking forward to share our experience with you.

Ghalib Al Sharji

GGA Oman
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